9 Interesting Facts About Chocolate You Should Know

Want to know some interesting fact about chocolate? Well, you should know that chocolate facts are as delightful and alluring as the treat itself. After all, it has gone through so much in the past centuries. From its rich history to diverse production methods, there is so much for you to know. Moreover, just like chocolate sweetly amaze your tastebuds, these interesting fact will amaze your mind. In fact, this blog – with the interesting facts about chocolate – will leave you mind blown. Furthermore, if you are a chocolate lover, you have come to the right place. You are about to update your chocolate knowledge on another level.

Interesting Facts About Chocolate From Around the World!

As aforementioned, chocolate has a rich history (Rich like its taste). As soon as it was discovered, it became a vital part of so many different cultures and regions. The ancient people loved it. Therefore, there are so many interesting facts about chocolate for you to know. Keep reading and believe me, you will be surprised by how much there is for you to know! Here we go:

  1. Chocolate was a Currency Once

Well, you may not have expected this one! Chocolate can be anything but currency? Really? Well, that’s true. Furthermore, Mayans and Aztecs used cocoa beans as currency. They used to exchange beans for the things they needed, including food, clothes, etc. Additionally, they paid for their taxes with cocoa beans too. Amazing, right? I’d rather say LUCKY! I mean if our world gets to pay taxes with cocoa, the ratio of taxpayers will definitely skyrocket. This is not all, these creative ancient people used cocoa beans as gifts.

  1. The First Chocolate Bar Appeared in 1847

Want to know more interesting facts about chocolate? Here is another one: it’s bar form was first made in 1847. You may or may not know this but the transformation era of chocolate began when it reached Europe. In fact, British confectioner, Joseph Fry was the one to create the first-ever chocolate bar for the world to enjoy. Moreover, this treat was simple than ever: simply delicious with no peculiarity. Thanks to the genius mentioned above: we have chocolate bars. And we can have – enjoy – them any time of the day.

  1. Milk Chocolate Was Invented in 1875

The most popular type of chocolate is Milk Chocolate. People of all ages, genders, and regions love it. However, did you know it is not the first ever invented variation? That’s true; dark chocolate (pure chocolate) was discovered first. And milk chocolate came into this world in the 19th Century. Moreover, since its discovery, it has been the most cherished treat of all time. Its deliciousness beats every sweet treat. The best part: it’s versatile! You can have it as-is, enjoy it with different flavor infusions, and even add it to your desserts.

  1. Chocolate Was Once a Love Potion

Little did we know that chocolate could be a love spell. Who could think that a mere treat could bewitch their loved ones to be theirs forever? However, this is true! Many ancient people used it in witchcraft to cast love spells. But the real magic is in the chemistry of this treat. Moreover, the ingredients of chocolate induce a feeling of love, warmth, and comfort when you consume it. It is all because the components of chocolate. It induces the production of different hormones which leads to these feelings.

  1. Chocolate was a Part of WWII Rations

This is another amazing and super interesting fact about chocolate. Moreover, chocolate is a delectable treat and everyone should get to enjoy it. Whether commoners, elites or soldiers. With this belief, chocolate bars were added to the rations of WWII soldiers. After all, soldiers were fighting on  the behalf of the whole nation. Therefore, they deserve some sweetness in their lives too. Moreover, the authorities made sure that soldiers were not having too much chocolate. For this, they made each bar four ounces.

  1. Switzerland Consumes the Most Amount of Chocolate

This is true! The people of Switzerland love chocolate. This is why it ranked as the number one chocolate consumer around the world. According to the stats of 2022, the chocolate consumption of this country was 11.8 kgs. Think that’s too much? Well, the amount increases with each passing year. Clearly, these people are the true chocolate lovers. Moreover, you can even say that most of the chocolate enthusiasts are from Switzerland. And I think this fact is justifiable. I mean, have you even tasted Swiss chocolate? Its absolutely HEAVENLY!!

  1. People Used to Drink Chocolate Initially

Here we have another interesting fact about chocolate: it was a drink at first. We have chocolate bars, chocolate truffles and so many more solid treats. However, the ancient people were in a different zone. They used to have it as a beverage. Sadly, they didn’t get to indulge in the deliciousness of solidified chocolatey treats. But surely, the chocolate drink would be equally delicious. Moreover, this drink was an important part of their religious rituals.

  1. The Creation of Choco Chip Cookies was an Accident!

Like many great invention, chocolate chip cookies were also formed as a result of an accident. Instead of using powder, the baker accidentally used chocolate bites. And the accident was as revolutionary as when Professor Utonium by mistake added Chemical X to the mixture of perfect little girls. And BAM!!!! The result was utterly delicious chocolate chip cookies. Undoubtedly, these cookies are the best among all other variations. After all, as you bite into them, they take you to a ride of flavors.

  1. The Chocolate Industry is Worth Around £100 billion

This means that the chocolate industry is as rich as the flavors of this delectable treat. And you should not be amazed after seeing the Swiss chocolate consumption stats (Apologies, but Switzerland has really made big contributions to this net worth). Undoubtedly, this industry is drowning with profits. Moreover, the net worth is expected to increase with every passing year. So, chocolate enthusiasts, these were some of the most interesting facts about chocolate. Bite into them and increase your chocolate knowledge.

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