How Are IB Schools Different From Regular Schools?

IB stands for International Baccalaureate. It is a curriculum offered by various modern-day schools. When you look for an international school in Tokyo, you will find many schools offering an IB curriculum alongside other choices. It focuses on the overall development and building of critical thinking skills in a child. This strategic curriculum nurtures curiosity and problem-solving skills, making them learned and skillful individuals. 

In short, IB is all about working on every aspect of an individual’s personality and giving equal weightage to academics, skill-building, and co-curricular activities. The schools providing IB curriculum options offer quality education and prepare the students for the competitive world. If you are also a parent to school-going children, choosing the right curriculum is a vital decision to make. IB school is a fruitful choice, but it is essential to stay informed about the features that make IB different or unique from other curriculum options. 

How Is IB Different From Regular Schools?

IB has indeed changed the face of education for good. It brings about a change in how students learn and implement their learning in their life. It challenges their imaginations and critical thinking to find solutions, and in this process, they learn the most challenging educational concepts. The faculty at a school offering an IB program encourages students to:

  • Ask questions to clear whatever doubts they have. They discuss and answer anything and everything that pops up in the student’s minds to help them clear their concepts.
  • Participate in activities to understand various concepts most excitingly.
  • Sharpen their creative thinking skills to learn by exploring different aspects. 
  • Try exploring their hobbies and other areas of interest to figure out whether they want to build a career. 

These schools frame clubs and communities for people with similar 

interests and hobbies. This way, they can enhance their knowledge and learn much more than academics. 

Students from different nationalities opt for this program by enrolling in the best international school in Tokyo. As it is an internationally adaptable and fruitful program, students from any cultural background can adapt to it well. Hence, it allows students to indulge in intercultural programs and activities, explore different cultures, and become more learned. It works best if you plan to send your child overseas for education. Then, they will already have clarity about the best way to adapt to people from different nationalities. 

IB provides a perfect amalgamation of sports, art, drama, academics, and much more. The students opting for it experience every field, and the staff encourages them to explore whatever they want. This way, the students get a chance to find out their true potential and learn much more than just academics and their coursework. The best part is that an IB school has all the resources and amenities to contribute to the holistic development of every child. 

Another thing that makes IB unique is that it raises intelligent individuals who are great at academics. At the same time, they focus on making students skillful and independent. They learn from real-life experiences and can handle all the situations in their life pretty well. These students can adapt to any environment and excel well in it. 

Countless things make IB programs unique and better than other high school programs. However, to get the maximum advantage of this plan, you should choose a school that follows the program religiously. You can also refer to their records to see how well the students have been doing. Additionally, read the feedback left by fellow parents to figure out if the school is all that you expect for your child. Finally, choose the best school, and you will be amazed to see how well it works for your child.

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