How Many Expenses Do You Need To Study In Canada?

Pursuing education in Canada is the best way to make a bright future. Getting an education from the top colleges and universities abroad will help you make a generous career. Studying in Canada is an expensive deal so it is crucial to know about the expenses you need to manage while studying in Canada. 

In this article, you will learn all the expenses you need to spend as an international student in Canada. First of all, for getting a visa to Canada you must have around 25,00000 INR in your account. However, this is just an overall cost for one year. 

To get a complete idea of the cost, we have mentioned monthly expenses in this article. Well, if you want to get affordable immigration services to apply for your Canada study visa, you can approach the best student visa consultants.

Here Are The Total Expenses You Need To Cover While Studying In Canada: 

  • Accommodation Cost 

First of all, it is crucial to look for accommodation because shelter is highly required while studying in Canada. Students either can find on-campus or off-campus accommodation but the costs for both can vary. Moreover, the cost depends on the province you live in along with the number of students sharing the accommodation. Generally, the accommodation rent starts from 500 CAD per month. However, if you want to live in a private apartment, then it would be around 1000-1200 CAD per month including electricity bills, laundry, wifi. However, in case laundry is not included, you can move to the nearby laundry stations to wash your clothes.

Well, if you want to purchase your own house in Canada, you need to pay monthly installments. Well, the best part about buying your own house is that you can give a portion of the rent which will help you earn well. 

  • Travel Cost 

Not every student has a car, so they need to travel through buses and trains to move from one place to another. Well, traveling is a part of everyday life as students need to move from home to college and then work. Hence, they need to manage traveling costs perfectly while studying in Canada. Most commonly, the travel costs range from 80 CAD to 120 CAD per month. 

However, if you purchase a car, you need to pay installments every month which can vary depending on the car you will purchase. Moreover, you also need to pay maintenance charges as well as the cost of petrol or diesel. So, buying a car in Canada will be an expensive deal for you. 

  • Food Expenses 

To tackle a variety of chores while studying in Canada, you need energy. Well, food is the primary energy source. Well, for this, you need to spend on buying groceries to cook food at home. If you want to order online foods then still you need to pay hefty bills. But do you know, cooking at home is the most cost-effective and healthiest alternative? Through this, you can learn how to cook food on your own. Moreover, a single person’s eating costs range from 200 to 250 CAD. However, the price will be more than this if you dine at the restaurant. 

  • Medical Insurance 

Being an international student, you have to take medical insurance before your study program starts in Canada. If you are planning to study in Canada then you have to pay your medical insurance first before your tuition fees. With the help of medical insurance, you can get medical care throughout your study program. Mostly, health insurance covers basic medical care and it does not cover services related to dental and eye care. 

  • Entertainment 

For entertainment, you can look for various activities and events to entertain yourself to kill homesickness while studying in Canada. International students usually go to clubs, parties, gaming zones, theaters, and many other places. So, the overall entertainment cost will be around 200 CAD to 300 CAD per month. Well, if you don’t go out for entertainment and prefer playing indoor games, you can save a huge amount of money. 

Well, the education cost in Canada is less than in many other foreign nations. So, if you want to study in Canada, you can connect with the best Canada visa consultant who can guide you properly regarding the visa application process. 

Wrapping Up

To wrap up, although the cost of studying in Canada is high, you can easily manage all the finances by making a budget plan. So, spend your money wisely and save money to pay tuition fees for the next year.

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