How Many Times Can IVF Be Performed? 

For people struggling with infertility or other fertility issues, IVF (In-vitro Fertilisation) and Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) techniques have proved to be a boon. Due to numerous reasons, one can face problems in conceiving naturally. It can be heartbreaking for the couples as they are unable to fulfil their dream of becoming parents. However, with the right IVF treatment in Ludhiana, you can become a parent and achieve your parenthood dream. 

In most cases, IVF is used in which the egg and sperm are retrieved and fertilised in the laboratory manually. Once the egg fertilises and develops into an embryo, it is transplanted into the uterus. Although this sounds good to you, it may not always give results. For some people, multiple IVF cycles are needed to get the desired results, while for some, only one cycle may be enough to establish a pregnancy. This article details how many times IVF can be done. Let us understand it in detail. Ensure that when you get IVF treatment, get it from the best IVF centre in Punjab, as a good centre can increase your chances of conceiving. 

How Many Times Can IVF Be Performed?

There is no exact answer to this question. IVF can be performed once or even multiple times, but the number of times it can be performed depends extensively on individual circumstances and numerous factors such as age, health history, fertility issues, financial status, and more. In general, the doctor recommends one to three IVF cycles. However, if the couples fail to conceive in this duration, they can opt for more IVF cycles with the doctor’s consultation. 

Although IVF treatment can improve your chances of conceiving, it does not guarantee success. Its success rate will depend on various factors such as age, health of the person, quality of egg and sperm and many more. If you have low sperm count, the doctor will suggest the best low sperm count treatment in Ludhiana, which will increase the number and quality of your sperm, thereby increasing the success of IVF procedures. 

Generally, 60% to 70% of couples conceive after the first IVF cycle, while the rest conceive in their second or third attempt. However, if, despite three IVF cycles, you do not conceive, the doctors may reassess all the factors and then plan further action. They will assess whether another IVF cycle will be better or whether other options, such as surrogacy or adoption, should be chosen. Therefore, a fixed number of IVF cycles required to get pregnant cannot be given, and the success of IVF cycles will depend on personal circumstances. A good IVF centre can greatly increase your chances of successful IVF. 

Factors Affecting The Number Of IVF Cycles

The following are the factors that can affect the number of IVF cycles and determine the success of these IVF cycles:

  • Fertility Issue: Another factor affecting the success of IVF cycles and the number of times it can be done is fertility issues. You must get effective IVF treatments in Ludhiana and treat the issues. However, people with fertility issues such as low sperm count, low sperm and egg quality, endometriosis, blockage in tubes, PCOS, and more may have a limited number of IVF cycles.
  • Age: A significant factor that can affect the success of the IVF cycle is age. If the women are aged 40 or above, their chances of conceiving successfully through IVF are reduced. Therefore, the treatments must be taken at the right age to ensure success. 
  • Health History: The general health of the person also affects the number of times the IVF cycles can be performed. If the couple has diabetes, cancer, or similar conditions, they may have a limited number of IVF cycles. However, if they are healthy, they can have multiple IVF cycles. Consider choosing the best IVF centre in Punjab to increase the chances of successful IVF cycles.
  • Emotional Issues: IVF treatments involve many emotional struggles, and not everyone may be able to cope with multiple failed IVF cycles. You need to be emotionally prepared and accepting of the results, whether they are positive or negative. 

Risks Of Multiple IVF Cycles

  • Physical Risks: There are several physical risks involved, such as multiple pregnancies, ectopic pregnancy, and ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, which are serious problems and adversely affect health. 
  • Financial Risks: IVF is expensive, not all the couples can afford multiple IVF cycles. When opting for IVF, choose the best centre that provides the best and affordable IVF treatments in Ludhiana
  • Emotional & Psychological Risks: Failed pregnancy is a huge emotional baggage to carry. It can take a toll on your emotional and mental health, causing issues such as anxiety, depression, mood swings, social stigma, and more. 


IVF can significantly increase the chances of success, especially when the couple gets treatment from the best IVF centre in Punjab. However, while IVF can enhance the likelihood of conception, it does not guarantee success. Therefore, some couples may require more IVF cycles than others. There is no fixed number of times IVF cycles can be performed, although the recommended number is one to three cycles. The number of IVF cycles a person can undergo depends on personal circumstances and factors such as age, fertility issues, financial considerations, health history, and emotional well-being.

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