How to Change your Name on the Frontier Flight Ticket

Under some conditions, Frontier Airlines permits name modifications and revisions. The kind of passenger name change request that Frontier Airlines accepts varies based on the circumstances and the particular ticket that was bought. The following are typical situations in which a request for a name change or correction under Frontier Airlines name change policy may be granted.

How to Correct Name on Misspelled Name on Frontier Ticket

You can ask for a correction by getting in touch with Frontier Airlines customer support if there is a spelling error in your first, middle, or last name. This is only feasible, though, if the error is small and does not affect the passenger’s identification. 

Legal name change: 

Frontier Airlines can let you amend your name on your ticket if your legal name has changed as a result of a marriage, divorce, or other circumstances. But, you’ll have to present official records, such a divorce decision, marriage license, or court order. 

Name change due to death: 

If a member of the ticket holder’s immediate family passes away, Frontier Airlines may let that person’s name to be changed so they can utilize the ticket. Passengers may then seek a cancellation of their Frontier flight and obtain a refund for the portion of their ticket that was not used. 

Name change due to an error made by Frontier Airlines – You are entitled to a free correction if Frontier Airlines makes a mistake on your ticket, such as mispronouncing your name or putting the wrong gender on it.

Modify your name using My Account

You can take the following actions to modify your name on your Frontier Airlines account:

1. Go to the Frontier Airlines website and sign into your account.
2. Select the option of the Profile for Frontier Portal from the “My Account” section.
3. Select “Edit” by clicking the button next to your name.
4. If necessary, change your last name and/or initial name.
5. To save the modifications, click the “Save” option.

How to change names using the chat Facility of Frontier Airlines

You may use the chat feature on Frontier Airlines to seek name corrections or other adjustments. 

To start a conversation with a customer support agent, choose the “Chat” option on the “Contact Us” page. 

After you’re connected, tell them you need to update the name on your reservation or make a correction, and provide them with the details of your reservation, including the reservation number, flight number, and departure date.
The agent will confirm your details and determine whether the name change or correction is feasible. If approved, they will help you make the required adjustments. 

The representative may let you know whether there are any costs involved with changing or correcting your name, or if any support.

Following the modifications, the representative will verify the revised information with you and give any required paperwork, including an updated itinerary. 

Pay the necessary amount together with any relevant fare differential.
In order to prevent any errors or problems before traveling, don’t forget to double-check all the details before finalizing the modifications.

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