How to Select the Ideal Tile Design for Your Front Exterior?

People often forget the front exterior of the house when they plan to revamp it. When someone sees or passes by your home, their initial impression is formed by its appearance. Your home’s attractiveness can quickly go from charming to needing a makeover in no time. This is where exterior tile design can work its magic! So, ditch the bland and embrace the interesting. This blog will help you change your entryway into an attraction with the right choice. 

What are Elevation Tiles?

These elevation tiles perform two important functions: beautifying the buildings by decorating exterior walls and fixing the extra layer of resilience against the harsh outdoors. These innovative tiles are made out of superior raw materials like ceramic, porcelain, and natural stones that provide aesthetically beautiful front elevations and protection against harsh weather conditions. Elevation tiles consistently maintain their position at the top of cutting-edge interior design. These tiles effortlessly transform any home into timeless glamour.

How to Select the Ideal Tile Design


One of the things to consider about exterior tiles has to be their durability. Concrete tiles, porcelain, or natural stones like travertine or slate are suitable, as they are well known to have great weather resistance and long-lasting performance, thus assuring you of the best life for your outdoor tiles against harsh external elements. 

Slip Resistance:

It’s essential to ensure the chosen tiles have a textured or matte finish. The texture provided by a rough surface offers traction and hence reduces slipping, especially on wet days.  By selecting tiles with these specific finishes, you can enhance the safety and durability of your outdoor spaces. 


Determine the amount of time and effort you can invest in upkeep and cleaning. Various kinds of tile can require more or less time and effort to maintain; therefore, it is vital to consider whether you are ready to commit to their upkeep properly. 

Finding the Ideal Tile Design

Classic Brick Tile Design: 

If you want to go for the classic look, then tiles that resemble bricks are available. Besides the timeless charm, it adds affection to any traditional or modern design of the home. Versatility within brick tiles can let them be put on many architectural motifs, making your living space much more impressive in appearance. This design element can raise the character and atmosphere of one’s home, giving guests a very warm ambience that screams sophistication. 

Wood-Look Tile Design:

Wood-look tiles add the perfect look to the front exterior, so you can easily combine warmth and natural beauty from real wood with durability and resistance. These tiles perfectly replicate real wood, leaving you with an open choice of colour, texture, and finish. Moreover, these tiles are just what any busy homeowner would be looking for when it comes to offering a low-maintenance solution, as they require very little servicing when compared to genuine wood materials, hence making them a practical yet stylish solution. Some of the reputed brands, like Orientbell Tiles, offer an extensive range of wood-look tiles for you to choose from, as they have something for everyone. 

Natural Stone Tile Design:

Natural stone tile design is considered to be one of the best options for front elevation tiles. It reflects strength and elegance. They have the incredible capability of bearing diverse weather conditions over a long period, making the choice highly reliable. For instance, slate boasts its highly complex textures, while travertine exudes a timeless elegance—all products that natural stone can offer. 


With the right tiles, your front exterior could be a source of joy. Showing off to friends and making quite the conversation starter. Explore brands like Orientbell Tiles’ collection of exterior tiles designed to elevate your home.

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