Is It Better To Buy A Cordless Vacuum Than A Corded One?

Vacuum cleaners are a must-have cleaning appliance for every home. Considering the hectic lives most of us lead today, cleaning the house manually is time-consuming and requires a lot of effort. With a vacuum cleaner at your disposal, you can effortlessly clean the day-to-day messes such as dust on blinds or carpets and pet hair on floors. 

Now that you know how important a vacuum cleaner is, let’s try to find out which is best for your household cleaning needs. The common doubt that most prospective buyers have is whether they should go for a cordless vacuum cleaner or a corded one. Well, to help you make a well-informed choice out of the two, we have discussed the pros and cons of both so that you can zero down on the better option. 


The efficiency of a vacuum cleaner depends largely on its suction power. The higher the suction power, the better is the performance and efficiency of the appliance. 

In this aspect, corded vacuum cleaners are better than their cordless counterparts. Since corded models are directly plugged into a power source, their suction power is higher and hence more efficient. Cordless models, on the other hand, work using batteries and hence begin to lose suction power as the battery starts getting discharged while in use. In simple words, a cordless vacuum cleaner works efficiently only as long as the battery lasts. Cordless models with lithium batteries are known to be more consistent when compared to those with other types of batteries. 

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The more portable a vacuum cleaner is, the easier it is to lug it around the house for cleaning.

Here, cordless vacuum cleaners win the bet. Since there are no cords associated, you can easily carry it around the house. With corded models, you can extend it for cleaning only to the extent to which the power cord’s length is. Alternatively, you may need to use an extension board. 

Filter and Dust Collection Capacity

The filter and dust collection capacity of a vacuum cleaner needs to be adequate so that you don’t have to empty the bin frequently.

Here, corded vacuum cleaners perform better as the dust collection bins have a higher capacity than their corded counterparts. With a cordless vacuum cleaner, you may have to pause often in between cleaning jobs just to empty the trash. 

These are the main differences between a cordless vacuum cleaner and a corded one. Analyze your needs and compare on the basis of these aspects so that you can make a wise choice. Finally, make sure to check the vacuum cleaner price as well so that you can find one within your budget. 

In summary

We would conclude that cordless vacuum cleaners are ideal for small houses or spaces that can be cleaned on a single full charge. If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner for a larger house, corded models make a better choice. So, the ultimate choice depends on your individual needs.

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