Samsung Washing Machines Maintenance and Services in Riyadh


Here is our complete directory of Samsung washing machine  maintenance in Riyadh ( صيانة غسالات سامسونج بالرياض). Regardless of the time you have owned a Samsung washer, knowing how to maintain it would ease its use and increase its service duration. Here, readers will find necessary care tips, problems typical for the consumers in Riyadh, the services offered, and much more. When you get to the end, you’ll consequently possess the inspiration to make your Samsung washing machine serve you for as long as possible. Samsung washing machines maintenance in Riyadh is important.

About Al Omer Maintenance Company

Our Commitment to Quality Service

 At Al Omer Maintenance Company customer satisfaction is our utmost priority thus providing quality services to our customers. It is therefore our pleasure to inform our customers that our qualified technicians have many years of experience in handling all sorts of appliance problems efficiently and within the shortest time possible. Ensure optimal performance of your صيانة غسالات سامسونج بالرياض (Samsung washing machine maintenance in Riyadh)  with professional services.

 Services Offered

Comprehensive Home Appliance Services

 We offer a wide range of services tailored to meet your home appliance needs, including:

 Samsung Washing Machine Maintenance and Repair

 Do not let your Samsung washing machine work less efficiently, contact us for cleaning of the drum, filter and general performance check. 

  •  Repair Services 

 Our technicians are very capable of handling any Samsung washing machine issue, be it a simple fix or a major one. 

  •  Other Appliance Services 

 We also service and repair washing machines and also other home appliances such as refrigerators, deep freezers and many more. 

Types of Samsung Washing Machines Available

 Samsung washers in Riyadh are of various categories; top loading, front loading and washer cum dryer. Both types have their specificities depending on the people’s preferences in terms of design and the available space. 

 Importance of Regular Maintenance 

 There are several key aspects that must be followed to ensure that your Samsung washing machine will last long and function efficiently. 

 Benefits of Regular Maintenance 

 Maintaining your washer regularly ensures:Maintaining your washer regularly ensures: 

  •  Extended Lifespan: Maintenance helps to avoid early wear and tear on machines and thus helps to increase the durability of your machine. 
  •  Improved Efficiency: Maintenance of filters and washing checks help in the efficiency of washing and also helps in cutting on energy and water usage. 

Common Issues and Troubleshooting 

 Nonetheless, like every other electric appliance, Samsung washing machines could develop these standard problems that one has to solve. 

 Most of the washing machine issues you are likely to come across are as follows; 

 Some common issues include: 

  •  Washer Not Draining Properly: This may be caused by blocked filters or drains and pipes. 
  •  Error Codes: Although learning error code might take some time. It can be helpful if a person faces any problem and wants to fix it in minimum time. 

 DIY Maintenance Tips 

 Step-by-Step Maintenance Guide 

 Minor maintenance can be done by the user if he or she has a Samsung washer at his or her home. 

  • Cleaning the Drum and Filters

 Cleaning the drum and filters should be done quite often in order to remove lint and ensure the washing quality. 

  • Checking for Leaks and Wear

 Closely check the hoses, seals, and gaskets for leakage, or indication of deteriorations. Any unit that is compromised in any way should be changed immediately to avoid the escalation of the problem. 

Safety Guidelines for Operating Samsung Washers

 To minimize accidents and to operate your washing machine safely follow the safety measures that follow. 

  •  Electrical Safety Precautions 

 Be cautious with electrical parts and always earth them to avoid any form of electrical risks. 

  •  Tips for Maximizing Performance 

 The following tips are useful in ensuring efficient performance as well as increasing the functionality of a Samsung washing machine. 

 Load Capacity Recommendations 

 To achieve the best washing results and not put pressure on the machine one should avoid overloading the washer. Keep your Samsung washing machine maintenance in Riyadh ( صيانة غسالات سامسونج بالرياض) for running smoothly.


 Maintenance is important when you want to have your Samsung washing machine in Riyadh. Serve you to the maximum and for a long time. Adhering to the above maintenance procedures and incorporating the professional services when required. You can be sure of having clean clothes. Thus, hiring Al Omer Maintenance Company provides you the assurance of having a reliable, efficient. And customer-oriented service for your home appliance maintenance and repair in Riyadh. Ensuring that our clients have quality appliances, which are facilitated by employing the best professionals out there who are dedicated to providing quality service, is something, which we are sure we’d like to imitate. 

 FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

 How often should the drum of a Samsung washing machine be cleaned?

 For general washing, it is advised that the drum should be cleaned every 1-2 months to avoid accumulation that hampers the best washing results. 

How can I schedule a service appointment with Al Omer Maintenance Company?

It is also possible to arrange for a service by phone, as well as on the ‘’Apply for Service’ contact-us form on this site. 

Are your technicians certified to repair Samsung washing machines?

Yes, our technicians are professional and have undergone a course in Samsung washing machines and all other major brands of washing machines. 

What areas does Al Omer Maintenance Company serve in Riyadh?

Our company caters to Riyadh and its neighboring communities in terms of appliance services with focus on both residential and commercial. 

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