What PLC programming software is used to change the IP address of a Micro800 PLC?

Allen Bradley Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) play a crucial role in industrial automation, enabling the control of various processes. The Micro800 series is a popular choice for its compact size and versatility. One essential aspect of working with PLCs is configuring their IP addresses, and this guide will delve into the world of Micro800 PLCs, focusing on the software tools used to change their IP addresses.

The Micro800 series, developed by Rockwell Automation, consists of compact PLCs designed for small to medium-sized applications. These controllers provide cost-effective solutions without compromising performance. Configuring the IP address of a Micro800 PLC is a common task, especially when integrating it into an industrial network.

To change the IP address of a Micro800 PLC, you need specialized programming software. Rockwell Automation offers Connected Components Workbench (CCW) as the primary programming environment for Micro800 series controllers. CCW is a user-friendly software suite designed for configuring, programming, and maintaining Rockwell Automation devices.

Steps to Change Micro800 PLC IP Address Using Connected Components Workbench (CCW):

1.Install Connected Components Workbench:

Begin by installing the CCW software on your computer. Ensure you download the latest version from the Rockwell Automation website.

  • System Requirements Check: Before proceeding with the installation, ensure that your computer meets the system requirements for Connected Components Workbench. These requirements can typically be found in the software documentation or on the Rockwell Automation website.
  • Download CCW: Visit the official Rockwell Automation website or use the provided installation media to download the latest version of Connected Components Workbench. Choose the appropriate version based on your operating system (Windows).

2.Connect to the PLC:

Use an appropriate communication method (USB, Ethernet, or serial) to connect your computer to the Micro800 PLC. Ensure proper cabling and settings.

  • Connect the USB Cable: If your Micro800 PLC supports USB communication, connect a USB cable from your computer to the PLC’s USB port.
  • Power Up the PLC: Ensure that the Micro800 PLC is powered up and in a ready state.
  • Open Connected Components Workbench: Launch CCW on your computer.
  • Create or Open a Project: Either create a new project or open an existing one within CCW.
  • Configure USB Communication: In the project, navigate to the communication settings or hardware configuration. Choose the USB communication option and configure the settings accordingly.
  • Verify Connection: Once configured, verify the connection by checking the status indicators in CCW. It should indicate a successful USB connection.
  • Download/Upload Project: If you are working with an existing project, download it to the PLC. If you are starting a new project, upload the initial configuration to the PLC.

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3.Open CCW and Create a Project:

Launch CCW and create a new project. Select the Micro800 series PLC model you are working with.

4.Configure the Communication Settings:

Navigate to the communication settings within CCW to establish a connection with the Micro800 PLC. Ensure that the communication settings match the physical connection to the PLC.

5.Access the PLC Configuration:

Once connected, access the PLC configuration menu. This is where you can modify various parameters, including the IP address.

6.Modify the IP Address:

Locate the section for network configuration within the PLC configuration menu. Here, you can enter the new IP address, subnet mask, and gateway information. Ensure that the new IP address is compatible with your network.

7.Verify and Save Changes:

Double-check the entered information to avoid errors. After confirming the accuracy of the new IP address, save the changes to the Micro800 PLC.

8.Download the Configuration:

Download the modified configuration to the Micro800 PLC. This step ensures that the PLC adopts the new IP address for its operation.

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9.Test the Connection:

After downloading the configuration, test the connection to verify that the Micro800 PLC is now using the updated IP address. Ensure communication stability and troubleshoot any issues if necessary.

Changing the IP address of a Micro800 PLC involves utilizing Rockwell Automation’s Connected Components Workbench (CCW). This software provides a comprehensive platform for configuring and programming Micro800 series controllers. By following the outlined steps, users can confidently navigate through the process of modifying the IP address, facilitating seamless integration into industrial networks. As technology continues to advance, staying familiar with the latest software tools is essential for efficiently managing and maintaining PLCs in industrial settings.

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