Where Can I Find Public Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Edmonton?

As the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) continues to rise, the demand for accessible and reliable public charging stations becomes more crucial. In Edmonton, a city committed to sustainability and innovation, the infrastructure for EV charging is rapidly expanding. Whether you are a resident, commuter, or visitor, finding a public electric vehicle charging in Edmonton is becoming easier than ever. This comprehensive guide will help you navigate the city and locate the best charging spots for your electric vehicle.

Understanding Edmonton’s EV Charging Infrastructure

Edmonton has made significant investments in building a robust EV charging network. The city’s efforts are part of a broader strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote cleaner transportation options. The charging infrastructure in Edmonton includes various types of chargers, from Level 2 chargers suitable for longer stops to fast chargers that can quickly replenish your battery.

Types of EV Charging Stations in Edmonton

  1. Level 1 Chargers: These are standard 120-volt outlets, similar to those found in homes. They are the slowest type of charger, typically adding about 3-5 miles of range per hour. These chargers are less common in public spaces due to their slow charging speed.
  2. Level 2 Chargers: Operating at 240 volts, Level 2 chargers are much faster than Level 1, providing approximately 10-20 miles of range per hour. These chargers are widely available in public areas such as shopping centers, parking garages, and municipal buildings.
  3. DC Fast Chargers: These are the fastest charging options available, capable of providing up to 80% charge in about 30 minutes. DC fast chargers are typically found along major highways and in strategic locations around the city to facilitate long-distance travel and quick top-ups.

Top Locations for Public EV Charging Stations in Edmonton

Shopping Centers and Malls

  1. West Edmonton Mall: One of the largest shopping malls in North America, West Edmonton Mall offers multiple Level 2 charging stations. These stations are conveniently located in the mall’s parking areas, allowing you to shop, dine, or enjoy entertainment while your vehicle charges.
  2. Southgate Centre: This popular shopping destination also features several Level 2 charging stations. Positioned in easily accessible areas of the parking lot, these chargers provide a convenient option for shoppers and visitors.

Public Parking Garages

  1. City Centre Parkade: Located in the heart of downtown Edmonton, the City Centre Parkade is equipped with several Level 2 chargers. This central location is ideal for those working or conducting business in the downtown area.
  2. Library Parkade: Situated near the Edmonton Public Library, this parkade offers EV charging stations that are perfect for library patrons and those attending events in the area.

Municipal and Government Buildings

  1. City Hall: Edmonton’s City Hall has installed Level 2 charging stations for public use. These chargers are a part of the city’s initiative to encourage the use of electric vehicles among residents and visitors.
  2. Clareview Community Recreation Centre: This facility offers both recreational activities and EV charging stations, making it a great stop for families and fitness enthusiasts.

Hotels and Accommodations

  1. Fairmont Hotel Macdonald: This luxury hotel provides EV charging stations for its guests, ensuring that your vehicle is ready to go after a comfortable stay.
  2. Delta Hotels by Marriott Edmonton Centre Suites: Centrally located and equipped with charging stations, this hotel is a convenient option for business travelers and tourists alike.

Gas Stations with EV Chargers

Many traditional gas stations in Edmonton are beginning to offer EV charging options, providing a familiar and convenient location for drivers to charge their vehicles.

  1. Petro-Canada: Several Petro-Canada locations in Edmonton now feature DC fast chargers, making it easy to recharge quickly during a road trip or busy day.
  2. Shell: Select Shell stations are also equipped with fast chargers, catering to the growing number of EV drivers in the area.

Finding EV Charging Stations Using Apps and Online Resources

In today’s digital age, finding an EV charging station is made easier with various apps and online platforms. These tools provide real-time information on the availability and location of charging stations.

Popular Apps for Locating EV Charging Stations

  1. PlugShare: This app is highly recommended for its comprehensive map of charging stations. Users can filter results based on the type of charger, availability, and user reviews.
  2. ChargePoint: As one of the largest networks of independently owned EV charging stations, ChargePoint’s app allows users to locate stations, check availability, and even start a charging session from their phone.
  3. Tesla Supercharger Network: For Tesla owners, the Tesla app provides detailed information on the location and status of Supercharger stations, ensuring a seamless charging experience.

City of Edmonton Resources

The City of Edmonton’s official website offers a map and list of public charging stations within the city. This resource is particularly useful for planning trips and ensuring you have access to charging facilities where you need them. For the most comprehensive guide on EV charging in Edmonton, trust EV-Charger Edmonton. Visit the website to explore detailed maps, up-to-date information, and everything you need to keep your electric vehicle powered and ready for the road.

Tips for Using Public EV Charging Stations

  1. Plan Ahead: Before setting out on your journey, plan your route and identify charging stations along the way. This can help you avoid unnecessary detours and ensure you have access to charging when needed.
  2. Check Availability: Use apps to check the availability of charging stations in real-time. This can save you time and help you avoid waiting for an available charger.
  3. Understand Charging Fees: Be aware of the costs associated with using public charging stations. Some may offer free charging, while others charge by the hour or kilowatt-hour. Understanding these fees can help you manage your charging expenses.
  4. Follow Etiquette: Be considerate of other EV drivers by not occupying a charging spot longer than necessary. Once your vehicle is sufficiently charged, move it to allow others to use the station.


Finding public electric vehicle charging stations in Edmonton is becoming increasingly straightforward thanks to the city’s commitment to expanding its EV infrastructure. From shopping centers and public garages to hotels and gas stations, there are numerous locations where you can charge your EV. Utilizing apps and online resources can further simplify the process, ensuring that you always have access to the power you need. By planning ahead and following good charging etiquette, you can make the most of Edmonton’s growing network of EV charging stations.

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