Why Transition From Primary To Secondary School Is Important?

The educational journey of a child should start well to give fruitful results. Every parent tries to find the best secondary school in Singapore for their child, as they understand the significance of good education. However, they ignore that a child’s transition from primary to secondary school should also be smooth. It is when the child moves from a relaxed atmosphere of a play way school to the actual learning world. If they don’t accept the change well, it will affect their growth and learning. 

It is thus fair to say that along with finding the best IB schools with top-notch facilities, every parent should also focus on the transition. If they accept and gel well into the environment at a secondary school, they benefit in the following ways:

  • Feel more relaxed and comfortable in the new environment. 
  • Stay motivated and interested in learning different concepts
  • Their relationship with their peers will be better, and they will have a good time at school. 
  • Be interested in learning various concepts and exploring their hobbies better.

There are countless other perks of ensuring that the child adapts well to the new environment and stays interested in learning. 

Things To Consider For A Successful Transition 

Here is a list of things parents should consider to ensure a smoother and more sorted transition. 

Understand Behavior

For a child, the change from primary school to secondary is significant. They will get a different environment, follow new rules and regulations, and meet new teachers and faculty. Everything will be different for them. Thus, it may get challenging for them to adapt to it. At this stage, as a parent, you have to be careful about the behavioural pattern of your child. Observe whether they are happy about the change or having difficulty adapting to the new environment. 

They will go through physical, social, and emotional changes. If you get a bit observant, you will know if everything is going well or you need to work on it. For example, if your child feels tired, bored, or gloomy after coming home, it is a sign that you need to talk to them and help them in the transition process. 

Strengthen the bonds

Supportive relationships help make children emotionally strong to adapt to the new environment and carry on with their learning process. Therefore, the faculty at school has to be supportive and welcoming towards children. They should plan various bonding activities to make children feel happy, engaged and welcomed in the new environment. At the same time, parents should also be involved and super active in their child’s life during the initial years of secondary school. 

If you choose the IB schools, half of your job to make the smoother shift to a new school gets sorted. They offer various activities and programs to keep students interested and happy. 

School Visit

The most vital thing to do is visit the school personally and check the environment and facilities they offer. You will also get to meet the students studying there and observe how happy and involved they look in school. Stay informed and ensure that the school you choose is apt and provides a nurturing and positive environment for child growth. Choose the best secondary school in Singapore and watch your child grow and do better in life.

Keeping these things under consideration, you can ensure a safer and healthier transition from primary to secondary school. Make sure you do thorough research and choose the best school for your child. Understand that it will require efforts and support from school and the people at home to help a child move ahead and do well in life. When the transition is healthy, the learning automatically gets better!

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