Tyre are most important part of the proper functioning of the car. They provide cars to move in the right direction with safety and comfort. Tyre are the only point of contact with the road. Different tyres function differently based on the situation. Each tyre provides features to resist different road conditions. Along with that, the weight of the car is supported by the tyres.  The tyres control the grip, brake and traction throughout the ride. 

Bridgestone is a leading sustainable brand that aims to provide trust and safety to the customers for better growth of the organization as well as for the customer. Over 25 years a strong brand they maintain a good relationship with their customers by providing high quality products and services. 

Bridgestone Tyres are classified on three basis-

  • Passenger Tyre
  • Off Road tyre
  • Truck and Bus Tyre

Passenger Tyre

Passenger Tyre is specifically planned for personal use. These car tyres Dundee are now popularly known around the globe for their extensive performance and grip handling in wet and dry road conditions. 


This specific model range focuses mainly on comfort and performance which helps to create confidence and control through the ride in wet and dry conditions. 


STURDO models are designed to provide a 29% longer life of tyres. They are made up of carbon tread compound which gives stronger life. These tyres provide longevity and durability to fulfil the needs of the drivers. 


These tyres are designed for high performance of stability and brake grip which impressively increases the journey adventurous. They deliver quality tyres which fulfil the requirement of the drivers.

B&S Series

These tyres mainly focuses on durability and longevity, which would be challenging but these tyres provide long-lasting performance in all driving requirement. 


This specific brand is designed to tackle any uneven road obstacles to ensure durability and safety in difficult terrains. They are for both in and off-road conditions. 


ECOPIA tyres aim to prioritize fuel efficiency which as a result maintains performance. This kind of model provides comfort and safety throughout the journey.


ALENZA tyres are designed for luxurious rides which reach the heights of driving experience. This one of the models of Bridgestone has a luxury Tyre type. 

Off-Road Tyre

Off-road tyres are designed with a specific tread pattern that helps the driver to drive on uneven roads and muddy and sandy road conditions.  They are the premium tyres for commercial and industrial purposes.

Earth Movers Services

Due to technological advancement this model of Tyre provides comforting, long-lasting and extremely well traction. They as a result improve the efficiency of the vehicle. 


This Tyre model ensures the comfort, tread pattern and longevity of the vehicle. This heavy-load vehicle increases strength and durability.

Mobile Crane Services 

Tyres focus mainly on heat resistance, and longevity even with the irregular surface areas of the road. This as a result controls the safety and stability.

Industrial Services

Bridgestone Tyres are designed specifically for heavy loads so as to get stability and comfort even with heavy loads. 

Underground Services

They offer excellent stability and resistance in heat conditions for underground mining. 

Truck and Bus Tyres

-General Cargo



-Intercity Bus

SWOT Analysis of Bridgestone Tyres


Bridgestone Tyres is a globally recognized tyre brand that enjoys high brand performance, and recognition due to the fact that many consumers not only know about the brand but also prefer it. With the chain network of dealers and distributors, the brand has a global reach. The technological innovation comes from the Bridgestone brand and then the competitive brands have come up with the technology.


Bridgestone is relatively costly as compared to other tyre brands so consumers that mainly search for affordable tyres might not want to purchase this option. This decreases the margins that the manufacturer in a market set but because of the price range the level of profit margin decreases.  These tyres are produced all across the globe, so they have a variety of ranges of terrains. This specifically raises the need for a wide range of products and needs that could be costly to get funded. 


Over the coming years, it is expected that the demand for replacing the tyres will increase. This practice has been done for years ago and now as well which in a result increases rubber and fuel prices. 


Threats include low-grade and Tier 2 Tyre companies from local markets as well as Michelin’s competitiveness. An ongoing future threat will come from the rising price of raw materials and technology.

Coventry Garage Services

Tyres has a wide variety of products and services offered to the consumers. The mechanics are generally skilled and provides excellent services to their customer. Some services are-

-Online Booking service

-Major tyre brands available

-Reserve and can pay later

-Same-day Tyre fitting

-Wheel Alignment check free

-No cancellation fees