Things You Need to Know About per day upi transaction limit

Understanding the nuances of the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) and its per day transaction limit is essential for everyone regularly making online payments in India. One cannot emphasize enough importance of online transactions given the ongoing trend of digitization. Years back, payment processes demanded chequebooks, queues, signatures, and rigorous documentation. However, UPI has revolutionized the landscape of transactions, making it swift, seamless, and paperless. Still, to use it effectively, knowledge about the per day UPI transaction limit is necessary.

The UPI, a user-friendly platform developed by the National Payments Corporation of India, allows inter-bank transactions 24/7 through mobile devices. It has reduced the hassle associated with online money transfers and streamlined the process for millions of users. One key feature of the UPI service is the per day UPI transaction limit.

Per Day UPI Transaction Limit: What Is It?

Primarily, the per day UPI transaction limit is the maximum amount that one can send or receive in a day using the UPI service. Devised to ensure secure and regulated monetary exchange, this limit usually depends on the particular bank or digital wallet you are associated with. The upi transaction limit per day generally ranges from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 1 lakh. However, it may slightly differ among different banks or platforms.

Limit on The Number of Transactions:

One should note that the per day UPI transaction limit is not only measured in terms of the amount but also in terms of the total number of transactions done in a day. For instance, some banks allow only 10 transactions per day, regardless of the amount. So, the user needs to be cognizant of both these aspects — amount and number of transactions — when conducting daily activities.

Per Day UPI Transaction Limit across Platforms:

Given the competitive market, different UPI platforms have set different per day transaction limits. While Paytm allows a transaction limit of up Rs. 1 lakh per day, PhonePe provides a maximum limit of Rs. 1 lakh per transaction and gives 10 transaction opportunities in 24 hours. In Google Pay, the maximum amount per transaction is Rs. 2 lakhs with no specified limit on the number of transactions.

Highlight on Bajaj Pay UPI:

Bajaj Pay, Bajaj Finserv’s latest venture into the digital payments platform, is committed to providing an all-encompassing solution to its customers by integrating lending, insurance, and investments under one umbrella. The company’s UPI platform stands tall with a per day UPI transaction limit of Rs. 1 lakh, appealing to a wide range of demographics. It enables seamless and secure transactions while making money management easier than ever before.

The mobile-centric platform provides an exceptional banking experience and reinforces the drive towards a cashless economy. Bajaj Pay UPI also caters to the customers’ borrowing needs through simplified digital loan processes. With its focus on creating a seamless customer experience, Bajaj Pay UPI system aims to become an indispensable part of the Indian digital wallets market.

One might wonder, why is there a per day UPI transaction limit? The answer lies in security protocols. As the virtual world is vulnerable to fraudulent activities, setting a limit helps mitigate the risk associated with such threats. The UPI system is inherently secure, but at the same time, its simplicity can leave some room for exploitation. Thus, the per day UPI transaction limit, which some might consider an inconvenience, is rather a safety net. Additionally, understanding the UPI system includes knowing terms like what is VPA in UPI, which stands for Virtual Payment Address, a unique identifier used in UPI transactions.

As digital payments continue to skyrocket, understanding the per day UPI transaction limit, its practical implications, and being able to compare it among different service providers is something that every online transaction user should strive for. It is also essential to remain updated with changing norms and policies concerning UPI usage. In this digitizing world, staying informed can help you get the best out of your banking experience. Whether it’s Google Pay, PhonePe, Paytm, or Bajaj Pay UPI, understanding your platform’s per day UPI transaction limit is the key.


The UPI has undoubtedly simplified banking transactions. Nevertheless, a clear understanding and awareness of the per day UPI transaction limit can guide your usage pattern, ensuring a seamless, secure and effective experience. 

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