Half of UK Drivers Risking Their Lives

It found that as many as 12 million of the UK’s drivers, which is almost half, could be endangering their lives by failing to have their cars serviced. A new survey conducted reveals that 48% of individuals interviewed stated that they have not spent equal or more time this year taking care of their cars.

Speaking to 2,000 motorists between 18 and 65 years of age about their car usage or maintenance, 68% said that they have issues with their tyres, and a third of those who participated in the survey said that they can see an engine warning light or they know that their car has some mechanical problems.

It is believed that the time taken before getting a car repair Newbury has been hampered. Most people have been under lockdown throughout the year or at some point in the year or cannot travel as much as before.

A significant number of people who were interviewed stated that they know their tyres are worn out and need replacing, but they have not gotten it done because it is overly expensive. Given the current financial straits, many people, including 40% of drivers, attribute this to the fact that they have not been servicing their cars, based on the fact that they may not be using their cars regularly.

Do I need to maintain my car, even if I will not be using it for a long time?

In that case, the truth is that you will still have to use your car at some point in time, even if it has been parked on the driveway for nearly the entire year. Therefore, if you do not maintain your car, you and other occupants of your car are likely to be in tremendous danger.

There are also consequences of your car getting into problems if it is idle, including mechanical wear and tear on some parts even though the car is inactive or “idle,”  flat batteries, and so on.

Cars are created for use, especially for transportation, and even if you have been using a certain car for some time without using it, it will need to be serviced and checked to avoid cases of damage, breakdowns, and accidents.

How do you suggest I keep my car running if it is not being used as frequently?

Nonetheless, there are several basic tests you can do at home as a way to ascertain whether your car is secure for usage.

  • Tyre check-up – to be sure of the amount of tread, inflation, and the general condition of your tyre.
  • Some of the basic car maintenance tips include checking your antifreeze/coolant temperatures.
  • Make sure the car interior is clean – head lamp, glass, rearview mirror, reg number plate and wheel trims All four wheels must at all times be kept clean to avoid developing some mechanical problems or coming across an accident due to accumulation of dirt that would hinder light and probably wear out parts. It is also illegal to cover your registration plate.
  • Examining the lights – You can ask someone to turn on the interior and exterior lights of the car and tell you whether the bulbs are functioning to prevent you from being fined in case of a traffic stop.
  • Inspecting brakes – its braking components are subjected to more wear and tear, mostly during winter periods, because of the usage of salt on the road, which affects the corrosion of the brake system; hence, brakes must offer optimum braking in the event the roads are icy.
  • Make a point of cranking your car regularly and taking it for a spin in the neighbourhood for about 20 minutes to help maintain its battery charge.

The MOT in Newbury issues that were noticed also contributed to many individuals not engaging in their regular car maintenance.

However, an MOT alone will usually fail to identify problems with your car, and it is highly advisable to service your car at least once a year to address other potential underlying problems that are not visible during an MOT test.

This can make the difference between the actual protection of your life on the road and accidents that can cause many casualties.

The next step

You should ideally have a service at least once a year or twice per year, depending on your preference and convenience – one before summer and another before winter – and thus attempt to do so in advance for financial planning as well as to put your mind at ease for the rest of the year.

This is usually the case with many drivers who book their car in for servicing and the MOT Newbury check/test at once. It suits a very busy lifestyle, and as we all know, you have a whole year to save up for the next service.

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