Yesterday I had dinner at my sister’s. She was worried as my nephew was still not back home. Well, he came when we were around to finish our dinner. The whole time she was worried and kept on trying on his cellphone but could not connect. He was in a bad mood and I am not sure but I think he was in a fight too. He did not stay for dinner and just went to his room right away. My sister has told me about the rough patch but I did not know that the situation was this bad. She was almost at the urge to break down so I thought to make her feel better. I told her that we should try to know about his friends, school, and other activities, and that would tell us a lot about his problems and issues. To which she responded that he never shared any kind of personal thing with her or his father.

This is the worst teen culture I hate the most about this generation. They never bother to share anything which matters and that leaves them and their loved ones hanging. I couldn’t see my sister in that miserable condition so I told her that of course, we were not going to ask him directly about everything you can simply use a parental control app that offers features like live to listen android, camera bug, and GPS location tracking feature and more than reports about every major and minor activity of the target to its user. She was thrilled with the idea and begged me to tell her more so I told her I would be back with more details and with trustworthy spy app information.

After thorough research, I have selected the OgyMogy Live Listen Android app. It offers all the needed features in a reasonable amount and the services are offered in different versions thus one can cover all the gadgets easily without much hassle. All the research I did for my sister is worth the share for everyone so here we go.

Listen To Them When Even You Are Not Around

Teenagers try to hide their pain in aggressive behavior.  One can know about any problem of the kid by using the live listen to Android feature. It lets the user listen to all the sounds around the target person through the Android device. Parents can know about any possible trouble or issue secretly and remotely with ease. The first thing we found out was that he was not happy in the new school and wanted a transfer.

Some Of His Class Mates Are Bullies

Another major problem we found out about the child was that he was the victim of bullying at school. Some of his classmates are real bad guys and they have a connection with school authorities. They gang up after school and harass other students. My nephew was one of them. My sister even listens to some fistfight kind of sounds as well and that is when she made up her mind to go to school and take action against these boys. She listened to some of the names as well by using the mic bug feature.

He Is A Loner

It was hard to believe that a happy child like him was a loner and a complete outsider at the new school. That was maybe because of the bullying issues but most of the time he was alone and that was not good news. Moreover, he even denied going on a school trip and asked her teacher to let him skip as he has no friends and it would be a complete waste of time for him to go on a picnic. His parents could not believe that the situation was so bad at the new school.

Live Listen android feature can also be used as an efficient employee monitoring feature as it can tell the employer about any work slacker, a workplace bully, or a toxic employee. Similarly, one can even track and catch any corporate spy plotting an evil plan against the organization through the feature. This and many other packages offer a wonderful feature that can help the user in their parenting as well as work life.   

Track  The Disloyal Employee

Disloyalty has no boundaries. A person at a workplace can be dishonest due to various reasons. Regardless of those reasons, one has to be committed and dedicated to their work. So, if someone is unfaithful to your business corporation, you can know about them. You can get information about the evil plans they make to destroy the reputation of your organization. If one of the employees is characterless and trying to manipulate things or harass some other employee, you can catch them alive and take strict actions against them or even fire them.

Live Streaming Of Calls And Messages

In the case of kids, this Live Listen Android software provides you with the live streaming of their calls and text messages. As soon as they are getting calls, you will be able to listen to them and read their text messages as soon as they receive them. This way you can keep an eye that they are not talking to strangers. In the case of employees, you can have a strict check on them if they are wasting office hours in calling and texting their friends and family without any need or concern. If any of them is giving threats to someone, who is also an office employee, you can ask them strictly for this behavior.

 Get To Know About Your Kid’s Plan

Maybe your kids are secretly accompanying friends or even strangers and you want to get the live updates of that event. Also, you want to make sure that they are safe in the company. With the help of Live Listen android, you can get to know every news and update of the plan you need. You cannot be their shadow everywhere. Your physical presence in every situation is impossible. But with this superb tool, you can listen to their surroundings and thus react timely in need.

Other features like camera bug, GPS location tracking, access to the photos folder, and more can help the user in keeping a strict eye on the target.