Ever thought that what if you were born in a time that was free of technology then how easy life could have been? Well, I have not as well. Hell yeah, technology is life. I mean how we are supposed to spend a day without a cell phone, TV, laptop most importantly Internet? Technology has its pros and cons but you can’t just let the negativity take over all the positivity. Sensible and controlled use of technology can bring peace and luxury. On the other hand, obsessive behavior may result in addiction and many other side effects.

So when my eldest entered the teenage I was fully prepared to deal with all the hormonal change and puberty stuff. I had done my research about how to deal with gadget obsession and social media addiction of teenagers and found the answer. The use of spy apps for the teenager is the only way out in these circumstances. One of the best parental control apps for Android as well as iPhone offers a long range of features and covers almost every perspective of a normal teenager’s life.

The best part about this app is that your secret is safe with it. Teenagers don’t know about the monitoring app installation and all the stuff and you can secretly take care of them and keep them safe from real and digital life issues.

  • Statista reports that 55 % of Americans use instant messenger chat apps regularly while only 8% are not regular users.
  • American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry claims that 51% of teenagers admitted that they check social media platforms every day at least.

Well now if your child is a regular user of at least 5 of the most common social media or instant messenger chat apps then imagine how much time he will be spending online per day. Now let’s elaborate your imagination and think about what kind of people they may meet online through these social media and instant messenger chat apps. Even now if you think that the use of the best parental control app for Android is not a necessary safety measure for your kid then I guess you are too optimistic about your child and the world as well. But don’t forget an African is saying that even if you are a vegetarian there is no guarantee that the lion will not eat you.

So you have to prepare yourself for all the lions out there even if you think you spent a vegetarian life and your child is following that path as well.

Here is how the cell phone tracker can help you keep a thorough check on the digital life of your teen.

YouTube Screen Monitoring Feature:

YouTube can play a fatal part in the digital life of a teenager if left unsupervised. See every kind of content is available here and if you have a curious teen then it can go out of hand. TheOneSpy offers a YouTube screen recording feature that reports all the YouTube browsing and video streaming activities To the child.  

Track Internet Browsing History Feature:

Track the browsing history of the target web browser and know all about the websites visited by the teen. Online web surfing depicts the interests and hobbies of the teenager. 

Have Remote Access to The Bookmark Folder:

Check the sites that are frequently visited by your teen. In case your teen is watching porn or anyone’s sexual stuff then you will be notified by the best parental control app for Android immediately.

Block Unethical Or Trigerring Content From Browser:

You can simply use the web filtering feature offered by the cell phone tracker app and block all the unethical content. It is necessary as not all the available data present on the internet should be available to teenagers. The spy app makes sure that no teen gets exposed to sensitive stuff that can affect the mental health of the teenager in any way.

Social media and instant messenger apps covered by TheOneSpy help the user to keep a strict check on all the social media activities of the teenager even if you are not added to the platform officially.