Getting your car serviced regularly is really important to keep it running smoothly, safely and efficiently. A car service at a garage is when trained mechanics inspect and maintain different components and parts of your vehicle. In Burbage and all over Britain, automotive experts recommend getting your car serviced every 12 months or after a predetermined number of miles driven, whichever comes first.

What Happens During a Full Car Service?  

During a full car service in Burbage, there are a multitude of checks and preventative maintenance tasks the skilled mechanics will systematically carry out on your vehicle. This thorough process helps catch and rectify any potential faults or issues before they can escalate into bigger, more expensive problems down the road. A comprehensive full service also ensures your car stays in top operating condition for safe, dependable and reliable driving.    

Replacing Fluids and Filters

One of the primary and most crucial things mechanics do is replace the engine oil and oil filter according to the manufacturer’s service schedule. Over time and miles driven, the engine oil gets increasingly dirty and contaminated, needing to be drained and refilled with fresh, clean oil to properly lubricate and protect the engine’s internal moving parts. They will also inspect and top up all other vital fluid levels like coolant, brake fluid and screenwash if needed.  

Brakes, Steering and Suspension Inspection

The full service includes a detailed inspection of your car’s important braking systems components like pads, discs, drums, shoes, callipers and hydraulic lines to check for wear and tear. The steering system and all suspension components get carefully examined too. Any worn-out parts like excessively thin brake pads will be replaced. The mechanics ensure everything is optimally working and spot anything that may need adjustment or repair very soon.

Tyre Tread Depth and Pressure Checks  

Another critical part of a comprehensive car service is meticulously checking the condition, tread depth and pressure levels of all the tyres fitted to your vehicle. This includes using a specialized gauge to measure the remaining tread depth to ensure there is enough legal tread left for adequate grip and traction. The tyre pressure will also be thoroughly inspected and adjusted to the recommended PSI if required. Tyres Burbage with illegal or unsafe tread depths or incorrect pressure can drastically increase braking distances.

Vehicle Interior and Electrical Inspection

Inside the cabin, items like all interior lighting, windscreen wipers, the air conditioning system and all other electrical components are thoroughly tested and inspected during the full service. Safety-critical components like the seatbelts are checked and the battery condition is examined. Any faults, issues or upcoming due replacements would be clearly noted and identified.

Under Bonnet Component Replacement  

Under the bonnet, preventative replacement of parts like spark plugs, air filters, drive belts, cooling system hoses and accessory belts may be carried out depending on their current condition, mileage and recommended service intervals specified by the manufacturer. The service ensures these key components remain in good working order.   

Test Drive and Final Checks

After all the extensive multi-point checks and adjustments are complete, the dedicated mechanics will perform an actual road test driving your car. This critical step allows them to comprehensively monitor how it runs out on the open roads while listening intently for any abnormal sounds or issues, ensuring every system and component operates as expected.

Annual Servicing Benefits

Getting your car serviced annually according to the recommended schedule is immensely beneficial as it allows experienced technicians to methodically inspect, diagnose and correct any developing faults before they can potentially worsen into much bigger, more costly repair jobs. Even minor problems can be promptly nipped in the bud by being spotted early on during the service.

Maintaining Service History and Resale Value    

In addition, retaining a complete service history with detailed documentation and records of all previous maintenance work carried out on your vehicle over the years helps substantially maintain and protect its resale or trade-in value if you decide to sell it or upgrade it in the future. Most prospective used car buyers place a high premium on full-service histories exhibiting timely scheduled maintenance.

Interim and Mileage-Based Service Intervals  

Aside from the main annual full service, many garages also offer interim services. This is a lighter, more affordable version service where key items are checked and topped up but not necessarily fully replaced. It helps provide additional peace of mind in between your major services. For higher mileage drivers who rack up lots of miles each year through excessive use, even more frequent interim servicing may be recommended, potentially every 6 months depending on your specific vehicle model too.

Post-Service Documentation

When the mechanic has finished comprehensively servicing your vehicle, you will be provided with a detailed report clearly documenting all of the work that was performed, any parts that were replaced, as well as flagging up any other upcoming due items or potential areas of concern still needing attention. This service report is an invaluable reference record.  

Service Plans and Cost-Saving  

Most reputable garages and service centres offer pre-paid service plans and maintenance packages that you can optionally purchase which cover the full routine labour and parts costs for all scheduled servicing over a set number of years, often representing appreciable savings compared to paying for each individual service visit separately as you go.

In summary, strictly adhering to an annual full car service regimen and following your specific model’s recommended major and interim service intervals to the letter involves dozens of vital multi-point checks, adjustments, part replacements and test drives carried out by trained professionals to keep your vehicle operating at its peak, safely, dependably and efficiently.