Microsoft Tablet for Sale in Pakistan

Microsoft is a Tech brand. It has a huge reputation as a tech product creator worldwide. Microsoft tablet are an amazing creation of them. These tablets have a wide variety of features. This article deals with a brief introduction to Microsoft, its products and the features of Microsoft Tablet.

What is Microsoft?

Microsoft is a brand of technological products. It was founded by two most famous people Bill Gates and Paul Allen. The initial product of Microsoft was BASIC interpreters.

Later on, it got a hold in the tech market. They started producing different products. Moreover, their product range includes laptops, Microsoft new tablet, mobile phones and a lot more. Furthermore, they created different software.

 This Software includes Microsoft Office primarily. 

What is the Microsoft Surface?

Microsoft Surface is a series of Microsoft. It is a series of premium products. This series was created to compete with other premium products in the market. 

This product line covers products like Surface Go, Surface Pro, Surface Studio, Surface Hub and many more. Furthermore, these ranges are then divided into different products. These are Surface Laptop Go, Microsoft Surface Pro tablet and many other different Microsoft tablet for sale.

Read this article till the end to learn more about the Surface Pro Tablet series of Microsoft.

What is the Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet?

Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet is a tablet line of them. It is a highly compact and organized device. This is one of the premium product ranges of Microsoft. 

Moreover, it provides you with too much variety in features. This Microsoft Tablet has a detachable keyboard. It provides two products in one. A detachable keyboard if attached can make it a laptop. Furthermore, It is called a tablet without a keyboard.

Moreover, the Microsoft Surface Pro tablets have a specific range of features. It gives you huge battery health. This as a result enhances the battery lifetime to approximately 1 day. These Microsoft new tablet provide accuracy and efficient performance. 

Moreover, it also has a debatable design. Above all, it provides HD cameras. It also has studio mics and a clear sound system. This whole series is Consumer-oriented.

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Types of Microsoft Tablet Available in the Market:

There are different Microsoft tablet available in Pakistan’s Tech market. But this article deals specifically with the Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet Series.

Microsoft Pro 4 Tablet:

This Microsoft Pro 4 tablet is an item of the Surface Pro series. This is further divided into Corei5 and Core i7 Ranges. This was launched in the market in 2015. 

It has a 12.3-inch pixel sense touch display. Moreover, it comes with a stylus pen. It is very portable. 

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Tablet:

This is another amazing creation of Microsoft. It has a very large display of about 13 inches. It comes with so many amazing features. It gives its users a very good visual experience. Furthermore, its wide screen makes it convenient to watch something on.

Moreover, the most highlighted feature of the Pro series is the security of data. It works on a 7th-generation processor. This makes its speed more amazing.

Microsoft Surface Pro 8 Tablet:

This Microsoft tablet for sale has created a legacy in this series. It has very amazing features. The 11th-generation processor makes it more reliable. It manages the workload very easily. Furthermore, it can also store mega files without creating any glitches.

Above all, its large screen also enhances the watching experience. This is also a great creation of Microsoft tablets.

Microsoft Surface Pro 9 Tablet:

This Microsoft tablet has an extensive variety of features. It works on the most advanced technology. It has a 12th-generation processor. This manages all the work load effectively. Furthermore, its HD camera can boost your experience. This also increases the video calling quality.

 It allows you to express yourself clearly. It doubles your productivity. It can also help you efficiently manage time and tasks.

Price Range of Microsoft New Tablet:

There are different price ranges of Microsoft tablet available in the market. But pricing is also premium. So, starting with the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. This device starts from 116,999/- PKR in the Pakistani market.

The price range of the Surface Pro 5 tablet is all above this premium number. The price range of Microsoft Surface Pro8 starts from 200,000/-PKR and above. And finally, Microsoft Pro 9 starts from 250,000 and above.

Microsoft Tablet vs Others:

Microsoft is a very powerful tech company in the market. Even though there are other strong competitors as well. But still, this has a hold in the market. All other companies creating tablets work very hard to compete with Microsoft. Microsoft provides very fast processing and software. 

They provide sleek style. Their compact design adds to the look of their products. The fast processor and HD camera earn Microsoft some extra points.

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